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There are a variety of scripting languages. Server side, I use PHP most frequently, but also do VBScript for ASP sites, and have use Tcl in the past, and am working on learning Python right now. Client side I use Javascript. I also starting to work with ActionScript (with Flash) to do some PHP/XML/Database interaction (tutorial to come soon). I do some Perl and shell scripting when I need to, though I've never done either extensively. I should probably learn more perl, but I've never had to use it much for work so I'm not as familiar with it as I should be. For now there's only some PHP information here. More will come when I have time.

PHP Quick Step Guide to Installing Apache, MySQL, PHP (added 12.01.99)
This tutorial briefly covers how to download and install Apache, MySQL, and PHP. This is the first part of a "Adding a Guestbook" tutorial.

Some Basics of Include Files (added 11.19.99)
This tutorial covers how include files can make updating your site much simpler and how to include files in both PHP and ASP pages.

The PHP Config File (added 11.19.99)
Briefly explains where the PHP configuration file is located and how to find out where it is if you don't know using the phpinfo() function. © 1999-2011. all rights reserved. // site created and maintained by kathy ahn