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These pages assume that since you've found your way here, you're a) reasonably web savvy, b) have access to a computer and the web, and c) you're interested in learning more.

Since you have access to a computer and the web, the only other thing you'll need to make a web page is a text editor. Notepad, Word Pad, Simple Text, BBEdit are few good ones. If you have an older version of Microsoft Word, you can write HTML in it as well (the newer versions of Word 95 and Word 97 interpret your HTML tags and show the document as a browser would), but always remember to save it as a text file with the .htm or .html extension and not as a .doc file.

HTML files have either a .HTM or .HTML extension and must be saved in plain text format. You can do all your work locally and view changes off of your hard drive. Later on we'll talk about how to get your pages up onto the Web so everyone else can see them as well.

So let's begin. We'll start with a little background, then delve into the HTML tags and create a relatively simple page. We'll also cover forms, tables, frames, and laying out your web page exactly the way you envisioned it. © 1999-2011. all rights reserved. // site created and maintained by kathy ahn